Saint Christopher Figurine


Saint Christopher Figurine

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Original Karl Demetz

Saint Christopher Figurine Models 

Hand carved in Maple wood and hand painted by professional artists. Made in Italy. St Christopher Figurine is available in various sizes and finishes.
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Feast day: July 25

When did St. Christopher live: Third Century

Biography of St. Christopher:
St. Christopher was a martyr in Licia under Decius around 250. He was a giant man who lived in the woods. One day, a child asked him to be carried across a river. Whilst carrying him across the river, the weight of the child seemed to become heavier and heavier,so that he almost couldn't bear his burden anymore. When they reached the shore, the child revealed itself as Jesus Christ who was carrying the weight of the whole earth. This is why St.Christopher is also patron saint of the travelers. After his baptism, he started preaching in Licia and began his life as a martyr.

Patronage: bachelor, transportation(drivers, sailors, etc.), traveling, storm, Saint Christopher's Island (Saint Kitts ), epilepsy, gardeners, holy death, toothache

Statues and sculptures of St. Christopher - portrayal, imagery and emblem: The statue above, skillfully caved and painted by the masters in Val Gardena, shows St. Christopher as a giant with pole who carries Jesus Christ on his shoulder in order to cross the river.

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