Saint Daniel Figurine


Saint Daniel Figurine

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Original Karl Demetz

Saint Daniel Figurine Models

Representation and Portrayal: shows the prophet Daniel with a lion, nails and a hammer. This sculpture is hand carved in Maple wood and hand painted by professional artists, and is available in various sizes and finishes. 

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 The Hebrew Daniel, member of an aristocratic family of Jerusalem, was the last prophet of the four great prophets. It is recorded that he was taken to Babylon as a teenager, where he was chosen by the king to be his officer and to interpret his dreams. Because of his knowledge and his wisdom, he conquered the trust of the king and was allowed to carry out his activities even after the conquest of Babylon by the Persians. Daniel survived the fall of Neo-Babylon, which he himself had predicted, but died a few years later.

Patron Saint of miners

Feast day: July 21st

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Orders over $300.00 - Free Shipping within U.S.A.
International Orders Shipping Fees calculated based on weight & size.

Shipping usually takes 3-5 days within U.S.A. for items in stock, if an item has to be backordered or shipped directly from work shop in Italy shipping may take 2-4 weeks.

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