Saint Florian Statue (Model II)


Saint Florian Statue (Model II)

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Saint Florian of Lurch Statue (Model II) Models 

A classical depiction of Saint Florian in light armor standing over a residence, holding a lance and dowsing out a fire with a bucket. Very exquisite. This marvelous statue is hand carved in Maple wood (24" and larger in Linden wood) and hand painted with oil colors by professional artists. Fascinating to look at.

This Saint Florian figurine is available in a large variety of sizes and various finishes. Please do not hesitate to contact us at for more information. With pleasure we will help you find exactly the art of inspiration you are looking for.

Saint Florian is usually depicted as a young man in armor, pouring water onto a burning structure. Sometimes with a sword or lance; and a millstone.

Patron Saint of Firemen and chimney sweeps

Feast Day: May 4th

The legend of Saint Florian is based on the real life events of a Roman soldier, Florian von Lorch, who was an official of the Roman Empire. Converted to Christianity when Christians were a small minority, Florian was martyred in 304 A.D. He was thrown into the river Ems with a millstone tied around his neck. His body was brought to dry land where an eagle mysteriously watched over him until he was buried. A Benedictine Abbey Church now stands on the site along the river Ems.

It is said that he saved an entire city from flames with only a single bucket of water. Because of these events Florian has been the Patron Saint of firemen and chimney sweeps since the twelfth century.

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Orders over $300.00 - Free Shipping within U.S.A.
International Orders Shipping Fees calculated based on weight & size.

Shipping usually takes 3-5 days within U.S.A. for items in stock, if an item has to be backordered or shipped directly from work shop in Italy shipping may take 2-4 weeks.

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