Saint Giles Figurine

by Demi Art

Original Karl Demetz Saint Giles Figurine Models protected by Law. Imitations legally prosecuted.

Hand carved in Maple wood and hand painted by professional artists. Made in Italy. St Giles Figurine is available in various sizes, please do not hesitate to contact us at for more information.

Feastday: September 1st
Portrayal and Imagery:  St Giles is shown as an abbot with Crosier, arrow and doe
Patron Saint of beggars; blacksmiths; breast cancer; breast feeding; cancer patients; disabled people; Edinburgh (Scotland); epilepsy; noctiphobics; forests; hermits; horses; lepers; mental illness; outcasts; poor people; rams; spur makers; sterility;
Giles was born in a noble family in Athens and strived after a pious lifestyle, this is why he left for France. At first, he lived in the wilderness near the mouth of the Rhone river and then moved near the river Gard before finally setting in the diocese of Nimes. St. Giles became famous because of his miracles and even the king wanted to be in touch with him. He sent out some hunters to find him, who accidentally hit Giles with an arrow instead of deer. Giles founded a monastery which later accepted the rule of St. Benedict.

Shipping & Handling

6" and smaller, $8.00 USD Shipping within U.S.A.
8" and up, $12.00 USD Shipping within U.S.A.
Orders over $300.00 - Free Shipping within U.S.A.
International Orders Shipping Fees calculated based on weight & size.

Shipping usually takes 3-5 days within U.S.A. for items in stock, if an item has to be backordered or shipped directly from work shop in Italy shipping may take 2-3 weeks.


We pack very well, usually double box for smaller sculptures. If a carving does get damaged during shipping, please let us know within three days of receipt - we will replace any damaged items.