Saint Leonard Figurine

by Demi Art

Original Karl Demetz Saint Leonard Figurine Models protected by Law. Imitations legally prosecuted.

Hand carved in Maple wood and hand painted by professional artists. Made in Italy. St Leonard Figurine is available in various sizes, please do not hesitate to contact us at for more information.

Feastday: November 6th

Portrayal and Imagery:  St. Leonard is shown as an abbot with abbot's crosier, chains as a symbol of captivity and an ox.
Patron Saint of political prisoners, imprisoned people, prisoners of war and captives, women in labour and of horses. 
It is said that Leonard was a Frank courtier who was converted by St. Remigius and became a monk at Micy. According to unreliable sources, he was given a piece of land by the king when he lived as a hermit at Limoges. There, he founded the Noblac monastery of which he became abbot and that slowly developed into the Saint-Leonard town. Leonard converted many pagans. A legend says that Clovis claimed to release every prisoner, who will be visited by Leonard. Thus, he is patron saint of prisoners.

Shipping & Handling

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8" and up, $12.00 USD Shipping within U.S.A.
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Shipping usually takes 3-5 days within U.S.A. for items in stock, if an item has to be backordered or shipped directly from work shop in Italy shipping may take 2-3 weeks.


We pack very well, usually double box for smaller sculptures. If a carving does get damaged during shipping, please let us know within three days of receipt - we will replace any damaged items.