Saint Monica Figurine

Saint Monica Figurine

Saint Monica Figurine

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The stature exceeded my expectations. Great workmanship

Original Karl Demetz

Saint Monica Figurine Models 

This is a very beautiful statue of Saint Monica carved in selected Maple wood and hand painted in permanent watercolors. The realism of this figurine is truly stunning. The sculpture shows all classical features with complete follow through in detail.

This wood carved Saint Monica Figurine is available in different sizes and finishes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at for more information.

Feastday St. Monica: August the 27th

When did St. Monica live: 331 - 397

Biography of St. Monica:
Due to the writing of Augustine of Hippo, the son of St. Monica, titled "Confessions" we have information about St. Monica's life. St. Monica is described as a good mother, she was married and had three sons: Augustine, Navigius and Perpetua. The husband of Monica, Patritius, was a violent pagan, who held an official position in Tagaste (present-day Algeria). With Christian endurance and through her exemplary life, St. Monica was able to convert her husband and so he was baptised just before his death. As a widow St. Monica became a nun, but her worries did not end, her son Augustine was wayward, lazy and irreligious. St. Monica prayed for him and when he ran away to Rome and Milan she followed him and so she was present at his christening. Monica's family decided to go back to Africa, but in 397 a.D., before the departure, St. Monica died in Ostia because of her high fever.

Statues and sculptures of St. Monica - portrayal, imagery and emblem: The sculpture represents St. Monica with the black habit, a book and the rosary. Near to St. Monica there is a ship with a child in it.

Patronage St. Monica: Protectress of women and mothers

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